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Opening Night with Universal Rebel

FM Presents: Universal Rebel
9 pm FREE / 2 sets

Please join us as we officially open our stage with the positive energetic reggaeness of @Univeral Rebel

Universal Rebel [

Adeo and Universal Rebel set out 4 years ago with one goal in mind, to progress humanity through music and the arts. And our "mantra" has not changed since. We believe that if the only thing one takes from our performance is love, than we have done our job. A mix off music we have titled Reggae DUB/LUV... our own genre, as we have our very own style.

The front man Adeo has played with many great artists like Common, The Roots, Robert Randolph, Talib Kweli, Julian Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, more... By performing at great causes like multiple "Walk for the Cure" events and headlining multiple Benefit concerts we stay true ourselves and our positive music.

Why Universal Rebel? is a main question we get. Our music is Universal - accepting all regardless of class, religion, culture, status, belief, and more. At our shows you will see people dancing from age 7-95 (no joke it has happened).We are rebels, because we rebel against the norm. We are not fixed into a box or type, and we are far from what you hear on the radio. Which is exactly why we should be there! We lift the spirits of those in need, we are hope for the hopeless. We are love for the unloved. We are light for those in the dark. We are the answer to the question and the solution to the problem. The combination of different musical styles mixed with Adeo's thoughts (day time gig is a Philosophy professor at an accredited school) leaves the listener with a happy heart and a full mind..