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Uncle Stump /\ Papermaker /\ David's Pegasus

FM Presents: 
Uncle Stump /\ Papermaker /\ David's Pegasus
Sat March 31st 9 PM FREE

about the bands.........
Uncle Stump []

Uncle Stump is a four piece band from Wantage NJ, working hard to spread their "Sussex County Mud Funk" and non-stop-party attitude as far as the eye can see. Featuring the combined talent of Mike McBride on guitar, Lee DiBlasio on bass, Paulie Derin on harmonica, and Matt Carafello on the drums; this group of four best friends bring a unique blend of funk, rock n' roll, bluegrass, and progressive psychedelic weirdness you'll be sure to love. (They think so, anyway.) Come join the party, and maybe you'll have as much fun as they do on stage!

Papermaker [

David's Pegasus []

NYC bitpop band with original game development, chiptunes, and pixel art. Barry Brinegar - vox, guitar, game. Hannah Kraft- vox, bass. James Kraft - drums.