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RuckZuck /\ Wooter /\ tba at FM

DancingTony and FM presents:
Ruckzuck /\ Wooter and Friends at FM
FRI July 20th 9 pm $8

about the bands

Ruckzuck []

In an effort to keep alive the tradition of the Psychedelic Freak-Out show, Ruckzuck carve their place in the music world with improv space-jams and melodically dark songwriting. This trippy trio got their name and sonic inspirations from the progressive sounds of the early 70's Space Rock, Funk & Krautrock, in addition to current day Psychedelic music greats. The humans in the band are two garage rocking brothers from the suburbs of Long Island, Nick & Matt Bedo and a kazoo humming elf from the mountains of Pennsylvania, Faith Kelly. Ruckzuck treats every show as a unique improvised adventure, giving the audience something different every night.

Wooter []
Your brain is a tee shirt. Synth-beam tonescapes are the dye. Layered fuzz leads are the twist. Jittery off time sync-rhythms are the rubberbands. Wooter’s work is a tie-die kaleidoscope of calm-inducing chaos. Simultaneously initiating perplexity and peace-laden pondering, this curly project stretches the limits of the mind and soaks it in color, twisting it around and inducing a beautiful trance pattern effect, snapping you back and forth in a smooth velvet swirl synonymous with a space wave. Born out of years of methodically self-induced room revelry, and brought to life by a hard-knock group of psych monks, catch Wooter sooner than later, unless later means sooner than sooner