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Load-in/ Parking: Bands should load in after 7 pm. Load in from the 3rd Street / Newark Avenue entrance. There is street parking in front of our venue, meters only run to 6 pm.

Back-line : DO NOT BRING MONSTER AMPS TO FM - We have mic Amps and our room capacity is about 125.  

Drum Kit [
maintained by The Drum Den of Hoboken] : Bass Drum, Floor Tom, 2 Rack Toms, and Snare******bring your own cymbals****** 3 Cymbal stands (2 booms, 1 straight) : 1 hi hat stand with clutch : 1 throne : 1 snare stand: 

Bass Amp:Hartke Kickback 125 W Combo Amp2 Guitar Amps: Fender Blues Jr. III

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